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      zhejiang chuang lian/zlan machinery co., ltd(former wenzhou wei feng machinery manufacture co., LTD.) trademark by the"precision" now renamed the "Lin guang liang" brand, our company is located in the beautiful city of overseas Chinese hometown in zhejiang - wenzhou. Company was founded in 1988, is a collection of tapping machine manufacture and fasteners production company in the integration of many fields.

      Zlan machinery manufacturing. the factory covers an area of 10000 square meters, a total of 120 employees, including 50 senior design engineers. ChuangLian using Japan's advanced technology, the introduction of Germany machining CNC Lathe,there are more than 50 cars, planing, milling, grinding. wire cutting machine tols; Company production of multi-function tapping machine, butterfly tapping machine, cover type tapping machine, round nut tapping machine, tapping machine, four axis cap machine, nylon pressure method 

      Zlan fasteners, has introduced the advanced Japan more than 30 sets of cold former machine, 60 sets of tapping machine in"Lin guang liang" brand, so the maximum extent save the purchasing cost, the machine grinding tool cost and maintenance cost. ChuangLian mainly produces stainless steel, carbon steel fasteners, complete specifications. are exported to Europe, the United States, day. and other countries.2005-2006 by the China national machinery general parts industry ssciation fasteners professional association rated as outstanding enterprises. chairman Lin lighth as been rated as outstanding entrepreneur, as the vice President of wenzhou fastener association unit. Company under the guidance of chairman, innovation. constantly introduced scientifiic management approach, from raw material procurement to product delivery strict ISO quality management system. the production of all kinds of fasteners products comply with GB DIN, ISO,JIS.ANSI. BS, etc