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Application of tapping machine

Author: Source: Posted On:2019-6-4 15:46:02

I. Scope of application

Since tapping machine is facing the market, it has been deeply loved by users for its advantages of lightness, flexibility, high efficiency and irreplaceable by other similar equipment. It avoids the limitations of lathes, drills or manual tapping, and saves time, labor, teeth, taps are not easy to break, etc. Its remarkable characteristics are widely praised and adopted by users. This machine is suitable for all machinery manufacturing industries. The mainland customers now cover machine tools, mould (factory) machinery, plastic machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery manufacturers, construction machinery, automotive and motorcycle parts, aero-engines, locomotives and vehicles, tobacco machinery and general machinery industries.

II. Product Characteristics

1. Repeated positioning is fast, cutting speed is fast and production efficiency is high.

2. Safe torsion clamp ensures less damage to tap.

3. Through-hole and blind-hole taps are continuous, and the accuracy of wire teeth is high.

4. Heavy workpieces do not need tooling and fixture.

5. Simple operation and low working intensity.